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Networking is back on the agenda as events go ahead

By Chrystall Goodden, IPT

After what seems like an eternity of cancellations and taking networking ‘virtual’, slowly but surely, real-life networking opportunities are opening up again. The past two years have shown that there is nothing quite like meeting in person, acknowledging a new contact with a firm handshake (or a hug in the case of ITC Malta!)

Networking is a vital exercise for growing a successful business. Ahead of the networking events taking place in person over the coming months, IPT has pulled together some networking tips and advice from a handful of the most successful industry leaders to get you ready to get back into the swing of it all.

Your network is your net worth.

If there is one constant in the business, it is true partnerships. We consider our vendors and customers to be our partners and we will do whatever it takes to keep those relationships for life.
Beshair Tharadra - SB Tech

Regardless of industry, it is undeniable that building a strong network directly correlates with building a strong business. The industry constantly faces shifts in consumer demands and market volatility. These unprecedented times have created both exciting opportunities and extraordinary hurdles for traders, distributors and retailers alike and one cannot navigate the market alone.

Putting a "face" on "products and prices" is essential, at least for Globomatik…. This allows the approach to start business. I have always thought that the clients that you win on price, you lose in the same way. Successful businesses are based on win-to-win, where you establish a recurring and long-term business where your client is your partner. From that moment you know that everything will happen, moments of success and moments of difficulty. It takes strong partnerships to survive and add value to your business.
Juan Romero Perez – Globomatik Informatica S.L.

You need to turn up, put in the time and effort.

Business partnerships are not unlike a marriage. I’ve been married for 20 years and I’ve been in this business for 18 years. A good marriage is built on a good relationship and to maintain a good relationship, you need to go on a date - regularly! You need to spend some valuable time together!
Kjartan Sigurðsson - SRX ehf

It takes time and effort to build the trust required to form the foundation of a solid business relationship. IPT has been connecting the industry at ITC Malta and numerous ‘IPT Marketplaces’ at the biggest industry conventions in the world for 20 years and the result is a trading community that is more like a family who’ve experienced highs and lows together, leaned on each other’s expertise and learned valuable lessons.

Our partners are our family. In times of crisis, like any loving family, we only get stronger. Meetings in Malta at ITC are like Christmas at a Grandparents' house, you can't miss it!
Pavel Mass – Progress Distribution GmbH

These connections need to continue to be mutually beneficial and require ongoing maintenance to remain strong.

We achieve our high levels of service and continue to grow as a company by maintaining close communication within the team as well as with our customers and suppliers.“
Yusuf Karatas – Yukatel GmbH

Nothing in business is so valuable as time. Do your research and spend it wisely.

As a strategic decision-maker do you have lots of time to explore relationships with potential partners? More often than not - you don’t. You need an event where you can get these people together and get them having a great time. They’ll build personal relationships; they’ll build trust and that’s what it’s all about.
Brett Watmough - Eurostar Electronics Ltd

These connections need to continue to be mutually beneficial and require ongoing maintenance to remain strong.

Not all events are one and the same. Whether it be a trade show in an expansive exhibition hall or a corporate formal function, valuable time spent out of the office must be spent on a networking experience that focuses on allowing attendees the time to make a connection while pulling together all industry stakeholders under one roof.

Taking four days out of your busy work schedule isn’t easy for anyone but when you know the event, you know that you’re going to meet at least 40 potential or existing partners you can be confident that it will be worthwhile.
Matt Edwards – GreenTech Distribution PLC

Quality over quantity.

It's not about quantity, it's about quality. You can't race around trying to meet everyone. Take the time to talk and take a genuine interest in your potential or existing partner. That way you'll make a far better impression and better yet, you will be remembered. What results is a far more fruitful and long-lasting business relationship.
Alka Patel, Elite Mobile Ltd

Seasoned networkers know that it takes more than a simple exchange of business cards to be the contact your potential partner thinks of when the next business opportunity arises. There needs to be a two-way exchange, where the time is taken to make an authentic connection and leave a lasting impression. After all, networking is just meeting people! This is also why smaller, more intimate events yield more quality connections than larger trade-show style conventions.

Networking may contain the word ‘work’ but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Business does not need to be boring. We do not all need to be formal in our discussions. As a lifelong participant in trade shows, conferences and conventions, I can tell you there is nothing like spending time together, sharing experiences and creating memories that we will talk about for years to come. That’s how you build business relationships that last.
Bob Lafon - HCG Holdings LLC

The international nature of the industry demands that a networking event involves experiences that allow for relationships to develop while transcending language and cultural barriers. Making memories through shared unforgettable experiences is an effective way to ensure the foundations of strong business relationships are laid.

IPT couldn’t be more excited to get back to connecting the industry in the most effective way, face to face, in real life! Registration is now open for ITC Malta 2022, book your place now and experience ‘networking with a difference’ for yourself.

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