What is IPT?

IPT proactively introduces companies with similar trading interests. With an emphasis on quality, we pride ourselves on helping our members create and sustain the best business relationships.

Meet our Sales Director

Ed Elliot-Square, Sales Director - Team IPT

Ed, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to have a chat! Firstly, you’ve been supporting our industry now for more years than you’d probably care to admit, can you tell us how you started your career in the industry? 

Yes it has been a very long time! I joined IPT the day after I returned from travelling the world after university. 19th March 2003. Whilst away I was told about this new opportunity and whilst I didn’t fully understand it I tried to do some investigation and research and look for possible partners in Australia & New Zealand.

When I got back from travelling the Director, Anthony (who also happens to be my father) explained the new opportunity to me and gave me a 3 month trial, stating if I could not do it then I needed to look for other work. 17 years later I am still going strong and look forward to another 17! 

As our Sales Director, can you explain a bit of what your role involves and what a typical day in the life of Ed looks like? 

I am actively involved with many different roles and as the team will tell you, I struggle to share many tasks. 

My roles involves: 
  • Supporting sales team daily
  • Supporting members with references and introductions
  • Supporting members & non-members to mediate issues / frauds & more
  • Advising the industry 
  • Promoting our websites, services and events to the industry
  • Networking with the industry
  • Pro-actively looking for opportunities for clients and our company
  • Learning about the industry & how it is evolving
  • Developing relationships 
  • Investigating new business opportunities & new events
  • Developing and improving our websites 
  • Developing and improving our events & tradeshow offering 

Your passion for doing what you do is undeniable, what is that you enjoy about working at IPT? 

What I love the most is how different every day is! I am speaking to people from all over the world about so many different topics and products. 

I get a real thrill and sense of satisfaction when two companies connect and successfully do deals or have a clear potential of doing deals. Sometimes these people already know of each other, or may even be friends but they just aren’t aware of each other’s needs at a particular time.

It is not always possible to successfully mediate or solve trading issues however when my support does help, this is especially rewarding. Recently, an industry warning I sent out saved a company from getting into business with and potentially losing money to a fraudster. 

You’ve become known for connecting the industry – how do you think you’ve earnt the reputation of ‘serial networker’? 

I suppose this is a very apt nickname! I just wish the clients were able to follow up with all of the introductions I make. I enjoy matching companies together and have a knack for remembering key information when asked for it. If only I could carry over this skill into my home life too!

These networking skills come into their own at our annual industry networking event, ITC Malta. What impact do you think ITC has had on the industry?

I am extremely proud of our ITC event. It is the original networking event for the industry and still clearly the leading event. It is a high compliment when other attempt to replicate our unique concept, format and ideas. 

This industry evolves all the time and often very fast. ITC grew out of us realizing that attending traditional tradeshows and networking areas in Exhibition Halls achieves little more than exchanging business cards with irrelevant contacts. We decided to create a more focused event in a more relaxed setting so that the industry could take their time over quality meetings and get to know their partners in a more personal way. It has grown over the last nine years and cemented its reputation as the Industry event you must attend! 

Your sister, Jen is our Head of Operations and Events and your Dad is our Managing Director. How do you find working so closely with your immediate family? 

Well my brother James was in the business before me, whilst I was travelling. He and I worked closely together for a long time before he moved to Dubai. My Mum is also involved in the business! 

Working with family is famously difficult but we all have very separate roles and do not work directly with each other daily. I feel this is the key to our success and ultimately builds a closer bond between us as a unit. 

However, at times it can be hard to switch off from work when we are together at a social engagement. I can say we all have the trait of being workaholics who are always available to our clients. 

With our international client base and your dedication to your role, you’re almost permanently attached to your phone! Do you ever take time to switch off?! What do you like to get up to outside of the office? 

Yes, at times I am, that is fair. But I have learnt over the years that I must take time to relax and have a break from work. Activities outside of work which I like to do are: Sport - playing Golf and Squash; spending time with my daughters, reading and watching films. 

Next year IPT celebrates its 20th Anniversary year, a tremendous achievement and cause for celebration! How do you think IPT has managed to maintain its relevance and importance given the rapidly changing nature of our industry? 

It is staggering we have hit this huge milestone! It is an amazing achievement I feel. Over the years the industry has evolved so much. 

Honestly, the key to our success has been to focus on supporting our clients and listening to their needs and requirements. Many businesses try to force themselves on clients, whereas we support them and have been very successful in this. With so many clients from so many different countries speaking different languages and with different levels of IT skills we have tried to keep our websites very usable and simple to use. 

It is important to listen and support clients. By doing this we understand the frustrations and challenges of the industry, We are always open and flexible to adapt and evolve our offering if we feel it will support our clients.   

Looking ahead, what does the future look like for IPT? 

Well to quote Orange – “the future is bright”

Whilst the industry does keep evolving and admittedly trading is becoming more challenging with big market forces such as Amazon taking over. Technology is constantly changing and the traditional distribution channels are not able or suited to distribute to the areas which the open market traders & resellers can. Also, these large distributors cannot adapt as quickly as smaller open market companies can. 

Overall, I am very positive there will be many jumps in technology and there will be very exciting opportunities to be involved with.

If anyone needs support or a friendly chat in these uncertain times please get in touch. LinkedIn // WhatsApp // Skype // Email

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