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Member Spotlight: Progress Distribution

An interview with Pavel Mass

Progress Distribution is amongst one of the most reliable names in the industry. How do you think your company has earnt this reputation?

Probably because of our modesty (laughs!) Jokes aside, it's all about passion. Whether it's a one-time project for our colleagues on myWorld TV or a long-term distribution contract from Sony - our passion burns brightly in everything we involve ourselves with.

Progress Distribution is part of the myWorld Group – can you explain the part that Progress Distribution plays in this family of brands? 

Of course. A couple of years ago myWorld was looking for a reliable partner for supplying various branded products with the potential to further deepen cooperation. Quite quickly they found out about us, we openly discussed with them our plans and concluded that close cooperation is possible from the first steps. Thus, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our company by joining the myWorld Group. Our main function within the group is to purchase the necessary products for any of our subsidiaries at the most attractive price. This does not prevent us from also conducting classic distribution activities for those brands that are in our portfolio.

One of the biggest benefits of working with Progress Distribution is becoming part of the myWorld Shopping Community and taking advantage of the myWorld Loyalty Scheme. What kind of benefits can one expect from the Cashback program?

That's an excellent question. Firstly, you should remember that this program unites hundreds of thousands of partners (150K), millions of clients (15M) and dozens of countries around the world (50). The activity of the Cashback program has led to the fact that last year we helped our colleagues to launch myWorld marketplace, currently active in 12 countries.

We as ordinary customers in stores are used to various loyalty programs, where we get a bonus for the accumulated points. So, we thought with our Cashback World colleagues, why can't such a loyalty program be integrated in B2B business? And we realized that that's exactly what we all missed.

Now, all clients making deals with Progress Distribution collect Shopping Points in proportion to the amount of the transaction. These points can be redeemed on cashbackworld.com, where up to 5% of the transaction amount is transferred directly to the company's account, in real cash. Shortly we’ll launch our brand new B2B loyalty program called TRUST, more details available soon!

Due to the current global situation, our industry is facing some challenging times. What measures are Progress Distribution taking to secure your company’s success and prepare for the ‘new normal’? 

These measures are divided into two aspects of our business: rational and emotional. Rational solutions are to objectively assess the effectiveness of all business transactions and regularly optimize our processes. Emotional measures are solved with the heart. We support the family atmosphere both within the company and as with our partners. Therefore, in times of crisis, like any loving family, we only get stronger.

The myWorld Group has experienced tremendous growth over the past year. What are your goals as a company and what strategies are you implementing to achieve them? 

The goals of myWorld are quite clear, to become the biggest world-wide shopping community with 1 Billion customers, partners and supporters. Expanding the countries where the Cashback World program is available, expanding the myWorld marketplace in Europe, expanding the merchants and the product assortment according to daily needs to cover the demand locally and globally. It’s an honour to be a part of this vision and success.

Our strategy is all about added value: B2B shop, B2B loyalty cashback program TRUST, ongoing onboarding of brands. Ultimately, a mutually beneficial system that works for both our customers and suppliers is our working strategy and the way to success.

You’ve become a regular face at our annual networking event. ITC Malta. What is it that keeps you coming back to ITC and would you recommend other companies in the industry to attend?

As I mentioned earlier, our partners are our family. Meetings in Malta at ITC are like Christmas at a Grandparents' house, you can't miss it!

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