What is IPT?

IPT proactively introduces companies with similar trading interests. With an emphasis on quality, we pride ourselves on helping our members create and sustain the best business relationships.

IPT & ITC – A natural extension of our support for the Industry

For reasons beyond any of our control, 2020 will go down in history as a year that hasn’t quite gone to plan. Earlier in the year, we made the very difficult decision to postpone ITC Malta 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The safety of our team, members and friends in the industry is always at the forefront of our operations and while we are disappointed to not be able to reunite the industry in Malta this year, it has provided us with the opportunity to reflect on all that is ITC and look ahead at what will be our 10th Anniversary event.

ITC is a networking event with a difference, it’s an event that affords companies with the time required to build trust and rapport with their clients and suppliers. It’s far more than handshakes, business card collecting and wandering exhibition halls in business suits. We create a comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where companies can effectively establish and grow trade connections. We bring together renowned retailers, distributors, traders, resellers and wholesalers from all over the world for three days on the beautiful island of Malta and it’s here that we turn doing business into an experience.

Having had prior involvement in an industry Speed-Networking event, Stephen Rafferty, a long-serving member of Team IPT highlighted the need for a wider industry event. A team brainstorm developed the concept to create a unique networking experience, giving delegates an opportunity to formally network with break-outs to facilitate building and enhancing relationships. Bob Snyder, the man behind many successful, high-profile industry events joined the team to help develop the event concept. He suggested Malta as a destination and introduced us to Nadine from destination management company ‘Bloom!’ and ITC was born.

A renowned continental intersection for people, cultures and trade, ITC has firmly found its home in Malta. Its central location means it is easily accessed by delegates attending from all over the world. The high quality of service standards and extensive range of world-class venues makes for an ideal destination for hosting an international event. It just so happens that we’ve completely fallen for its idyllic climate and the warmth of its people.

In its infancy, ITC blossomed into a conference with formal presentations and Q&A panels. Evolving technology shook up the traditional working method for traders; ITC used this as an opportunity to give delegates a way to network in a more sociable environment. Enabling relationships to be strengthened through face to face communication; helping to define clear mutual business opportunities.

Today, ITC has matured into an event that is recognised for its ability to enable delegates to meet with other like-minded industry experts to explore new opportunities, deepen relationships and personalise contacts. It offers an opportunity for industry decision-makers who are looking to manufacture, distribute and sell large stock volumes or clear stock to meet face to face in a relaxed setting. This creates an atmosphere that places decision-makers together on a personal level – something that is not so easy to glean from a business card - inspiring confidence that the deal can work as it is founded on trust.

Next year, Team IPT will be celebrating its 20th year, coinciding with ITC’s 10th Anniversary event. All of these years later, our goal remains unchanged; to be the event that widens networks within the industry. To achieve this, we will continue to break the mould in making lasting connections, handpick the freshest and most iconic venues that Malta has to offer in order to provide a unique networking experience for our extended ITC Family.

We look forward to welcoming the industry back to Malta in 2022.

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