What is IPT?

IPT proactively introduces companies with similar trading interests. With an emphasis on quality, we pride ourselves on helping our members create and sustain the best business relationships.

Meet the Team: Linda Suveges

Linda Suveges, Sales & Account Manager - Team IPT

Linda welcome to the team! You’ve been with us for a few months now and already proven to be a vital part of our team! How are you finding working for IPT?

The job is challenging but I like the idea of getting to know so many companies and their portfolio. I feel the more companies I talk to the more my knowledge in this industry expands and therefore the more I can help to my partners. I love when my support and introductions lead to several deals, it is always good to see happy and satisfied customers. In my personal life I also love to help and bring changes in peoples lives. 

You have joined our team with extensive industry experience under your belt, could you elaborate on your career journey in the industry so far? 

I worked for Duna Electronics sro for seven years where I worked myself up the ladder from a Sales Person all the way up to a Sales and Purchasing Manager. I loved trading, but after having a family I thought it will be a better idea to support people with my market knowledge instead and leave out the daily stress of trading.

You’ve joined us at a rather challenging time for our industry, when many of our members are in need of our support more than ever. How have you found supporting our members during this time? 

Many members changed their trading portfolio to PPE products, so I quickly adapted myself to the situation and started supporting my members with medical equipment as suddenly this became the source of their income. For some companies selling consumer electronics especially online retail stores this period was like Christmas, so fortunately some remained busy in their field.

At IPT we support companies dealing in the full range of consumer electronics, mobiles phones, accessories and IT components. What would you say you specialise in? 

I am definitely the strongest in mobile phones as this is what I used to trade at Duna Electronics. Some part of the trading also involved accessories and consumer electronics I also have some knowledge on those, but I am still getting familiar with the computer components at ICB, to be able to support my clients who are also involved in this field more.

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