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ITC Malta 10th Anniversary Event Postponed

COVID-19 draws international events to a halt

By Chrystall Goodden

For a second year running COVID-19 has drawn international events to a halt, including what should be the 10th Anniversary of ITC. The unique networking event has become a favourite amongst the mobile phone industry and while the announcement comes as a blow to the trading community and to the IPT Team who run the event, preparations are underway to ensure 2022 will be a celebration that’s well worth the wait.

ITC has established itself as an industry-defining event, providing wholesalers, distributors and retailers of mobile phones with an unmissable networking opportunity. The 2019 event attracted over 400 industry decision makers from 40 countries to sun-drenched Malta for three days of networking on the shores of the Mediterranean.


The success and longevity of the event can be attributed to its uniqueness. The focus is placed on creating a relaxed and casual atmosphere that allows delegates to connect on a personal level and build solid foundations for long-lasting business relationships. Equipped with 20 years of industry knowledge, the IPT team proactively introduce like-minded companies with collaborative potential. Many return year-on-year to take advantage of this unrivalled opportunity to expand their network and carry out any necessary maintenance on existing partnerships, effectively safeguarding these relationships for the future.

For an industry that otherwise operates almost solely online, using messaging apps and emails, ITC’s relaxed, face-to-face style of networking has served as a vital avenue for creating long-term business partnerships.

Current restrictions and regulations mean that while networking events can currently proceed, it comes at a price. Strict limits on attendee numbers and the requirement to maintain social-distancing at all times means that freedom of movement is greatly inhibited and opportunities for personal interaction are limited.

While these measures are understandably in place for the safety of participants, they make the running of networking events of this style unworkable for organisers and unviable for attendees travelling internationally. They would require ITC to operate in a way that is contradictory to what it is at its core.

Global Director of Mobility at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, Bob Lafon attended the event for the first time in 2019, he reflects on the importance of ITC;

as a lifelong participant in trade shows, conferences and conventions, I can tell you there is nothing like spending time together, sharing experiences and creating memories that we will talk about for years to come. That’s how you build business relationships that last... 2022 is a long way away, but I know events like ITC will be worth the wait.

ITC’s Headline Sponsor, Yukatel GmbH supported IPT’s decision to postpone the event for a second year and maintain their partnership commitment for 2022. They understand that the success of the event rests on the freedom of interaction amongst its attendees and for its organisers to be unrestricted in delivering an unforgettable 10th-anniversary event. Having sponsored the event in 2017 and again in 2018, they know first-hand the benefits of being associated with the growing success of ITC and have full confidence that the 10-year celebration will be worth waiting for.

With 150 tickets already sold, ITC Malta’s 10th Anniversary event in 2022 promises to be a big year. For bookings and more information, head to the website: www.itc.events.

To learn more about IPT, their trading community and how they can support you, please visit the website: www.ipt.cc

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