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Member Spotlight: Globomatik Informatica S.L.

An interview with Juan Romero Perez

Juan, it’s great to catch up with you, thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Firstly, for those of us who don’t know, could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about what your role at Globomatik entails?

I have been connected to the industry of electronic devices since I was 15 years old. First, it was for my entertainment but later I decided that I could dedicate myself professionally to the world of electronic device distribution, uniting my passion and my work in a single way of life. For 20 years I have been a co-owner of the company, we started almost from scratch, equipped only with our enthusiasm and the intention to do things well. Currently, I perform general functions, particularly in the area of brand expansion and closing new contracts. I like to carry out the initial contact with the manufacturers personally. I also support the export department.

Like IPT you’re a bit of a family business! You co-own Globomatik with your brother Luis, how do you find working so closely with family?

There is no doubt that working with my brother is a basic pillar of the company. He has a very different personality than mine and we complement each other perfectly. Each of us has our own way of looking at the business and we take care of different parts of the company. For the common interest, we understand each other wonderfully. The family part is undoubtedly the one that makes me feel more comfortable with and connected with IPT since in many ways it is very similar to Globomatik. Brothers, I love how you work, you are admirable!

You are currently one of the most important distributors/wholesalers in Spain and have been for some time! Your business growth has even attracted awards in recent years. To what do you attribute your success?

I believe that success is a sum of many things. Credit cannot be attributed to a single motive. I would highlight the honesty with our manufacturers and customers, and the agility in making important decisions, I believe that this is marking the future for us. Day-to-day activities do not let you raise your head to see the horizon. The growth of companies is marked by this vision of the future, and in that sense, Globomatik is an outstanding student and that’s what sets us apart in Spain. We always try to get ahead and improve. We are never satisfied with the results. It has nothing to do with billing, it has to do with the way you see business. Everything can always be improved and we have been permanently focussed on improvement for 20 years.

We understand that you’re moving to a bigger house this year – four times the capacity of your current facilities! What has led to this move?

The very growth of the business and the diversity of brands has caused us a literal short circuit in the way we store. We currently have a main warehouse at our headquarters in Almeria and several logistics warehouses spread over several cities. We have decided that it is the moment to consolidate everything in a single mass storage place that not only allows us to optimize the logistics processes for our clients but also allows us to grow in other type of products that weigh or measure more than a mobile phone or a microprocessor. This change will help to grow both at the level of preparation in the number of daily orders and therefore in billing.

What are the biggest challenges you are facing as a result of the current pandemic? What measures are you taking to secure your company’s success in these challenging times?

The pandemic is putting many companies at the limit of strength, fortunately, it has not caused us great headaches. Before the arrival of the pandemic, Globomatik already had solutions in the cloud. Our ERP was ready to be used from home by using VPN. Before our prime minister declared the lockdown, our employees were already at their homes working just like when they did it in the office. We have felt for all the employees who had to work physically in our warehouse in the handling of the merchandise and those who were in charge of the technical service part and we have even rewarded them in salary.

The safety of our employees is and continues to be the most important thing and that is why we have taken measures in our office so that they can work with guarantees of not getting sick. As a result of the pandemic, online sales grew around the world, that part of the Globomatik business was already taken care of before the problem arose - we had a web service in place, .csv files with stocks updated in real-time and all kinds of solutions integration for e-tailers. As a consequence of the pandemic, our company has invoiced 20% more in 2020 vs 2019.

You’ve been members of IPT for many years now and we’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry together, how would you say being part of our Trading Community benefits your business?

Until the arrival of the pandemic, the platform allowed us to offer products to known or unknown companies. Thanks to your annual event we were able to put a face to those we did not know, allowing the approach to start business. I have always thought that the clients that you win on price, you lose in the same way. Successful businesses are based on win-to-win, where you establish a recurring and long-term business where your client is your partner. From that moment you know that everything will happen, moments of success and moments of difficulty. IPT allows you to recognize those companies that are the ones that add value to the business.

You’ve become a regular face at our annual networking event, ITC Malta and we have missed catching up with you and the Globomatik Team! What is it that keeps you coming back to ITC and would you recommend other companies in the industry to attend?

In this industry where everything changes so fast and where adapting like chameleons is what allows you to survive or die, there are highlights like your annual event, that give us all a nice break from the everyday pressures. A trading platform without an event is like bread without salt. There is no doubt that IPT has become the flagship of meetings globally from my point of view. I say it with respect towards the other platforms, as I believe your collective meeting model is unique - since it makes business fun and enjoyable without losing the essentials; renewing potential suppliers and customers. Putting a "face" on "products and prices" is essential, at least for Globomatik. As an event, I think it is perfect at all levels, from the choice of the place to the activities that take place in it. The duration and the price you pay is perfect and balanced, it is an investment that you recover instantly with 1 or 2 deals. I want to recommend to those who have not yet attended that it is very well worth it because it is enjoyed both professionally and for entertainment. I hope that Covid19 is under control very soon and that we can see each other again :-) We miss you too!

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